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21 tips to get rid of moths


Discover the 21 tips to get rid of moths.

Forget the insecticide, these natural tricks are formidable against moths!

Originally, these are simple little butterflies that live wild in the surrounding lime trees. But moths, there are many species. And some do not mind the idea of settling in our precious homes. Here are 21 natural tricks to get rid of these undesirables that love our wardrobes and kitchen cupboards.21 tips to get rid of moths21 tips to get rid of moths

Tip #1: Use essential oils

Mites, like many insects and parasites, cannot tolerate certain natural odors. Do not hesitate to put a few drops of essential oil of thyme, peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus (found in organic stores or pharmacies) on a handkerchief or pebbles that you will have in your clothes drawers or your kitchen cupboards.


Tip n°2: Use bay leaves

Bay leaves are particularly effective at eliminating food moths as well as clothes moths. Then place bay leaves in your wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. These pests will be just a distant memory…

Tip 3: Use lemon

No bay leaf? It doesn’t matter, the dry skin of lemons is an excellent moth repellent. Dry lemon peels in the sun, then place them in small plastic bags that you have in your cupboards, drawers, and co.

Tip 4: Use cloves

Even more effective: associate the smell of cloves with that of orange! Then prick oranges with cloves and arrange them in your bedroom and kitchen storage units.

Tip 5: Use Aleppo soap

In addition to being famous for its many cosmetic virtues, Aleppo soap (from 4 euros in stores or drugstores) is known to protect clothes from moths. For formidable protection against moths, sprinkle your shelves and drawers with a few pieces of Aleppo soap.


Tip n°6: Use Marseille soap

Marseille soap is also formidable for eliminating food moths and clothes moths! Place a few pieces of Marseille soap in your cupboards, drawers, and on your shelves to scare away these pests.

Tip 7: Use nutmeg

Nutmegs prove to be good repellents for moths thanks to their strong smell. Place a few in your cupboards and co.

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Tip #8: Use cinnamon

Cinnamon is also a spice that repels moths. Place a few sticks where they are likely to nest.


Tip #9: Use pencil shavings

Did you know that pencil shavings scare away moths? Gather some shavings in a small bag that you will slip into your cupboards and on your shelves.


Tip 10: Use lavender

Dry a few stalks of lavender, then cut the flowers and collect them in fabric bags. Place them in your storage cabinets … Bye, bye, moths!

Tip 11: Use garlic

Cut a clove of garlic in half and put it in your cupboards and on your shelves. The strong smell of garlic will entice moths to flee!

Tip 12: Use mint

The strong smell of mint scares away moths! Then put bunches of fresh mint in your cupboard to keep them away.


Tip 13: Use cedarwood

Moths can’t stand the smell of cedarwood. Then buy squares of cedar wood that you will put in your cupboards and co.

Tip 14: Use salt

Moths hate salt! _ So use it to get rid of these pests: simply put salt in cups to put in your cupboards and on your shelves.

Tip 15: Use white vinegar

White vinegar is particularly effective against food moths. To prevent them from invading your kitchen cupboards, spray white vinegar at the bottom and in the corners of your storage.

Tip #16: Use Heat

Moths hate the heat, know that! To effectively remove them from your clothes, place them in a closed plastic bag and put them in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes in a hot setting. Say goodbye to moths at the end of the cycle!


Tip n°17: Use cold

Moths can’t stand the cold either! So you can try this trick: place your clothes in a closed plastic bag that you put in the freezer for about ten minutes.

Tip #18: Throw away food infested with moths

From the first appearance of cocoons or larvae, throw away all food that is infested with moths (bags of flour, boxes of cereal, etc.). Check your kitchen cupboards meticulously by inspecting all your other foods, even those whose packaging is still closed!

Tip 19: Clean out your cupboards

Once sorted, clean your cupboards from top to bottom. To do this, vacuum it, insisting on the nooks and crannies, and rub with a sponge soaked in bleach. You can also use a steam cleaner.

Tip n°20: Place your food in jars

Place pasta, rice, semolina, and cereals in airtight glass, iron, or plastic jars. They are effective barriers against food moths.


Tip #21: Use Moth Traps

If you still can’t get the moths out of your closet or kitchen cupboards, you can use pheromone-soaked plates. These traps attract males to a surface covered with glue, which prevents their reproduction. Not very glamorous, but devilishly effective.


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