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How To Get Rid (HTGR) was created by Bobvalla Lesly, accompanied by a team of health specialists who participate in the development of content.

We take the greatest care to communicate verified and relevant information, without dictating any particular behavior: the reader is the sole master of his decisions.

With the collaboration of experts, we ensure rigorous quality control in order to offer the content you can trust.

Bobvalla is a 5th-year medical student from Cameroon. He is a blogger, graphics designer, and forex trader.

The HTGR website is a project that was born in 2021 at a school level, first as a hobby, and then, with a lot of work, time, and enthusiasm, it managed to grow to build a reference portal.

Many people around the world rely on us daily to consult how to get rid of health problems.

What I do
  • Google certified digital marketer

• Crypto trader

  • Blogger

• Web designer