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How to get rid of a cold


Discover how to get rid of a cold.

The common cold is probably one of the most common illnesses and the one that we also encounter most often in our lives. However, each time it is the same.

You wait for it to pass, but unfortunately, sometimes it just gets worse. So how do you properly treat your cold? Should I go to the doctor? Which treatment is the most effective?How to get rid of a coldHow to get rid of a cold

How to cure a cold quickly and naturally?

When we talk about the common cold, we most often refer to rhinitis of viral origin. This winter illness causes a runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, sometimes fever, and even headaches.

To cure cold, antibiotic treatments are not recommended. On the other hand, the patient must treat his symptoms in case of rhinitis to avoid bacterial complications such as otitis or sinusitis.

Here are the reflexes to have to treat your cold effectively and reduce discomfort:

•blow your nose regularly;

•clean your nasal cavities with water sprays or saline;

•take an analgesic (paracetamol);

•there are also decongestant vasoconstrictors that help with a stuffy nose;

and finally, rest.

Good to know: during a coronavirus epidemic, you must isolate yourself and take a screening test if you catch a cold because the symptoms are similar to Covid-19.

How to treat a bad cold with grandmother’s remedies?

To cure a cold naturally, there are very effective home remedies, although they are not miracle cures. You won’t be able to cure a cold in 24 hours, but these methods can help reduce your pain and soothe your sore throat or cough.

fumigations based on eucalyptus essential oil help clear the nose when you want to treat a cold;

•herbal teas with thyme, peppermint or cinnamon also bring relief;

•honey in herbal teas is also a known remedy for treating colds and soothing the throat;

•it is also advisable to sleep in a humid environment.

Good to know: you will find grandmother’s remedies online for onion tea to treat colds, but its effectiveness remains to be proven. Nevertheless, onion soups remain delicious and warm in winter.

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How do get rid of a cold as quickly as possible?

Finally, to cure a cold quickly, there are simple gestures, which are not miracle cures but quite simply common sense gestures to put in place. If you’re wondering how to cure a cold in two days, know that you can’t be completely cured for at least a week.

Here are some tips for you to understand how to cut a cold fast and what treatment is most effective in decreasing your symptoms:

•stay hydrated to avoid headaches and fatigue;

•do not go out to avoid aggravating your symptoms;


•ventilate your home ;

•avoid dry environments;

•do not smoke ;

•avoid alcohol.

With all these tips, you are sure to be able to say goodbye to endless colds.

Specific cases: how to get rid of rhinitis?

Although this infection is mild, the common cold requires treatment adapted to certain cases. This is the case for treating a cold in a baby, treating a cold of allergic origin, treating a chronic cold, or even treating a cold in pregnant women.

How to get rid of a cold for a baby?

If your baby has rhinitis or nasopharyngitis with a stuffy or runny nose, it is very important to blow your nose regularly to avoid difficulty breathing. In addition, this gesture will prevent any bacterial superinfection.

To clean his nose and unclog it, you can use physiological saline. On the other hand, do not use nasal sprays on a baby under 2 years old.

Essential oils are also to be avoided to treat a cold in a baby or infant before 36 months. Ask your doctor for advice before using it for your child.

If your baby has a fever, you will need to monitor it and pay attention to signs of deterioration. If he tolerates it badly, if it lasts more than two days, even after treatment, you must consult quickly.

In addition, if your baby is less than 3 months old and has a fever, you must consult a doctor urgently.

How to get rid of a cold in pregnant women?

If you are a pregnant woman, you should also avoid using essential oils to treat your cold symptoms, especially in the first trimester.

You can still perform steam inhalations to clear your nose.

For pain and fever, you can take paracetamol. Be careful, do not use anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or corticosteroids for your cold.

Also avoid decongestant vasoconstrictors, such as the drug Dolirhume, or equivalents sold without a prescription, which also contains paracetamol, but is not recommended in this case.

If the duration of the cold is abnormally long and you cannot get it to pass, your doctor can prescribe a suitable treatment.

A prolonged cold during pregnancy should be consulted and monitored as it could be cytomegalovirus. This benign infection for children is much less so for a fetus. Mothers catch it during prolonged contact with children. On the other hand, it can be treated to avoid any complications during pregnancy or for the baby.

How to get rid of hay fever?

Allergic rhinitis is a common cold triggered by grass pollen. Sometimes this type of cold to treat is caused by cats, dogs, or dust mites. To cure, symptomatic treatment is not enough. It is necessary to switch to an anti-allergic treatment with anti-histamines. It also effectively reduces the symptoms of rhinitis.

How to get rid of a chronic cold?

Allergic rhinitis can become chronic. In this case, your doctor will offer you desensitization treatment to the responsible allergen, but this takes several months or more.

How to get rid of a head cold?

If you have a severe headache, your sinuses are probably affected. To decongest, you should use a humidifier and place warm, moist compresses on your forehead and nose. This will help flush out mucus. Also, use salt water sprays.

How to get rid of a cold with a wet cough?

If your bronchi are congested, you need to clear blocked mucus from the airways. For this, expectorant syrups are the most recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

My cold is not going away, what should I do?

If your cold doesn’t go away and you’re having trouble coping with the symptoms, it’s completely normal to want to see a doctor. As it is a viral infection that can be similar to Covid-19, it is strongly recommended to go through teleconsultation to speak to a doctor.

How to treat a hip cold?

When a child complains of pain in the hip, it may be an inflammation of the joint, common at this age but very painful. The only treatment is to administer painkillers and immobilize him. If it does not pass after 2 to 3 days, you should consult a doctor.


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