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How to get rid of bags under eyes


Discover how to get rid of bags under your eyes.

Bags under the eyes affect 85% of women over 50*. And sometimes they show up a little earlier. The advice of our professionals is to reduce or remove these unsightly bags that age us.

Bags under the eyes put women and men on an equal footing. We are all concerned by this phenomenon which is not necessarily linked to age, aging having however the effect of accentuating them.

If the soft methods make it possible to limit the damage, to get rid of it definitively, cosmetic surgery seems the most effective technique.

What are the causes?

Bags under the eyes are very different from dark circles. They are notably due to a displacement of the fatty tissues which will form a “fatty hernia” and/or to an excess of water that will infiltrate and be stored under the eye.

Often physiological causes that will be aggravated with age and sagging skin. Because the eye contour area is a fragile, thin area, poor in collagen, which marks the signs of aging more quickly.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Make-up can make it possible to attenuate a little the bags under the eyes. The professional advice working with a very light concealer in the pocket. “We will then have a rounded effect and it is the shadow under the pocket that we will then work with a concealer with a fine, light, and very luminous texture.

We could almost use an illuminator for this gesture.” Then, apply with the finger or the brush in the hollow under the pocket of the concealer. “Be careful not to lose it too much. Repeat the gesture several times to avoid depositing too much material.”

A massage?

To unclog the bags under the eyes and boost microcirculation, consider facial self-massage. Draining pressure to be applied morning and evening when applying your eye contour treatment.

The right move? Place fingers under the eye and apply gentle pressure from the inside out, holding each pressure for three seconds. The gaze is awakened.


The cosmetic option

As puffiness is notably due to the storage of fat and water, it will be necessary to opt for active ingredients that will have an action on these problems. Caffeine and guarana, for example, are known for their destocking action when Ginko activates microcirculation.

On the galenic side, prefer light formulas such as serums or gels. Fine and fluid textures will penetrate quickly and will not bring additional heaviness.

What about roll-ons? They reinforce the effectiveness of the formula. They have a double-action: a cold vagotonic effect and a draining action.

The aesthetic option

Dr. Poignonec explains that to completely get rid of bags under the eyes cosmetic surgery remains the only effective option. “Even aesthetic medicine does not treat bags under the eyes.” After an ophthalmology** assessment, the surgeon can operate in two different ways depending on the type of pockets:

•By micropuncture in the conjunctival voices. A gesture that will not leave a scar.

•If the puffiness is due to age and sagging skin, a very fine incision will be made just under the eyelashes for an almost invisible result.

In both cases, it takes about 8 days of social eviction due to the bruises that will appear. Methods with which “there is in principle no recurrence.”

What about grandmother’s remedies?

Some are still tempted by natural tricks such as the famous cucumber slices applied to the eyes or the application of ice cubes or a frosted spoon under the eye to unclog the pocket.

Outdated ideas? No, tips that do not seem outlandish for Caroline Camuzat: “We find in these tips the cold effect which will have a vagotonic action and the action of the spoon will have a draining effect.

It is therefore still relevant. I, however, would advise you to place your treatment in a cool place just before application.”


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