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How to get rid of belly fat


Discover how to get rid of belly fat.

How to lose your belly? If your belly is swollen with fat or water, whether you are a man or a woman, find out how to lose belly fat either with exercises or with natural remedies or even grandmother’s tips.

How to lose your belly? If your belly is swollen with fat or water, whether you are a man or a woman, find out how to lose belly fat either with exercises or with natural remedies or even grandmother’s tips.

You have gained weight everywhere but especially the belly?

If you have gained weight everywhere and especially in the belly, you must start by going on a diet.How to get rid of belly fatHow to get rid of belly fat

But how do you start a  diet when you’re always hungry?

The solution: the natural appetite suppressant

1 – Caralluma

Moderate your appetite by drinking every day: 1 liter of water with 2 teaspoons of Caralluma added.

This appetite suppressant food is a great appetite suppressant, especially in cases of bulimia, is used in treatment against overweight, in the form of a liquid extract.

Your appetite regulated, start a diet:

To lose belly fat, eat mostly:

2 – Foods rich in protein

Foods rich in protein: chicken or turkey breast, veal cutlet, white ham, tuna, salmon, can provide a feeling of satiety, but especially egg white.

Supplement your diet with oat foods, green vegetables, and some fruits

3 – Rolled oats

Low in calories,  oatmeal in the morning can replace your slices of bread!

And since they contain soluble fiber which stays in the stomach for a long time, a handful of flakes in a bowl with just a little water (or low-fat milk) heated and sweetened with a spoonful of honey will settle your stomach while giving you Energy.

4 – Linseed

The slimming properties of flax seeds have been scientifically recognized.

On the one hand thanks to its high fiber content which facilitates transit and provides a feeling of satiety (its volume increases 5 times more in the stomach) on the other hand thanks to its high content of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which help the metabolism to burn calories.

Eat one to two tablespoons a day of flax seeds.

Or sprinkle flaxseed on your dishes, or use very finely ground flaxseed to replace flour (1 spoonful of flaxseed for half a spoonful of flour).

The best fruits and vegetables to lose belly fat

5 – Pineapple

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, promoting digestion, draining the body, pineapple is recommended in diets associated with water retention or cellulite.

6 – Asparagus

Low in calories, rich in fiber and compounds that promote the proper functioning of the kidneys and intestines, powerful diuretic, containing potassium, copper, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, asparagus is recommended for dieters.

7 – Broccoli and cauliflower

Detoxifying, crucifers, low-calorie foods, low in carbohydrates, and high in fiber are recommended for those who want to lose weight

8 – Spinach

A very low-calorie vegetable, low in carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, spinach is also very rich in water.

To lose belly, eat a lot of spinach! Thanks to the fiber it contains, spinach is a satiating food that won’t make you fat.

9 – Strawberries

When you want to lose belly fat, a portion of strawberries is an ideal dessert!

Strawberries are low in calories: fat-free, low in sodium, and low in sugar.

And because they contain fiber, strawberries help slow the absorption of sugars, and promote transit.

10 – Papaya

The slimming property of papaya comes from the papain it contains, which are enzymes similar to those normally produced by the stomach to ensure the digestion of food.

The flesh of the papaya also has draining properties, which makes it recommended in weight loss treatments.

Eat papaya for breakfast or snacks!

And keep the small black papaya seeds to make infusions.

They have a stimulating effect on the gallbladders and the liver.

11 – Tomato

Low in calories, the vegetable fruit that is the tomato, is full of water, but also fiber which makes it a slimming ally of choice in weight loss diets.

Eat healthy, little, balanced is good. But to lose belly you have to take the time to chew.

12 – Chew slowly

By chewing slowly you will no longer have a swollen and bloated stomach.

Taking the time to chew each bite will allow you to digest better, achieve a feeling of satiety, and therefore stop eating in time.

The first thing to do when you are overweight is to drink a lot, at least 2 liters, throughout the day to eliminate. Herbal teas can help you lose belly fat.

The best herbal teas to lose belly fat

13 – Cinnamon tea

The benefits of cinnamon on diabetes are well established, however, we know less well the virtues of cinnamon on those who want to lose weight thanks to its “fat burner” effect and its appetite suppressant effect, especially when the craving for sweets is felt.


In a cup, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of cinnamon sticks and let steep for at least 10 minutes before drinking the infusion.

Drink 1 cup of cinnamon tea when you wake up, then between meals, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

14 – Ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea to lose weight is an ancient tradition in the Orient.

This draining herbal tea, to be drunk hot or cold, which calms the appetite while restoring energy will help you lose belly fat.


Cut a piece of ginger previously peeled with a knife (about 3 cm) then cut it into thin strips.

Arrange the strips in a teapot or herbal teapot, pour simmering water over them.

Leave to infuse for ten minutes.

The longer you leave to infuse, the more the “spicy” side of the ginger will come out.

Filter (otherwise the herbal tea will taste too strong).

Drink ginger tea throughout the day.

– Ginger/lemon

Added lemon juice, the properties of ginger tea,  is ideal to moderate the appetite, improve transit, help digestion, and therefore lose belly fat.

15 – Orthosiphon tea

Orthosiphon, this plant is also known as “Java tea” is a natural drainer, which facilitates the body’s elimination functions and weight loss.


In a cup, pour boiling water over 1 heaping teaspoon of finely chopped dried leaves.

Cover, let infuse for about 15 minutes, then strain.

Drink a cup of this infusion 3 times a day

16 – Thyme tea

Thyme herbal tea, which has the reputation of relieving difficult digestions, can both moderate your appetite, help you better assimilate your meals, and therefore lose belly fat.


In a cup pour boiling water over two teaspoons of thyme.

Leave to infuse for 5 minutes (after the thyme infusion risks becoming bitter!)

Strengthen the properties of thyme by adding a little lemon juice.

Drink 4 cups of thyme tea a day.

17 – Infusion of Yerba Mate

The mate called “yerba mate” stimulates the body and the burning of fat, without having the unpleasant effects of coffee (nervousness and sleep disorders)

Mate slows the progression of the food bolus, which increases the duration of the feeling of satiety.


In a cup, pour boiling water over 1.5 g to 2 g of dried leaves, leave to infuse for ten minutes. Filter.

Drink three cups a day of Yerba Mate.

18 – Green tea

Green tea, more specifically the catechins and caffeine it contains, can help control our weight, as it facilitates digestion, stimulates and drains the liver, favoring the transformation of stored fat into energy, while having a cutting effect. -hungry.


In a cup or bowl, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of dried leaves. Leave to infuse covered for 3 minutes.

Drink three cups of green tea a day.

and a fat burning tea mix  ideal for losing belly fat

How to know if you have lost belly fat

Measure your waist and belly using a dressmaker’s tape measure, not too loose or too tight.

Then check your progress regularly, without forgetting to write it down in a small notebook.

No tape measure?

Use a string, marking the string with a felt-tip pen.

Natural drinks to lose belly fat

Some drinks can also help you lose belly fat, provided you eat neither too fatty, nor too salty, nor too sweet.

19 – Hot water

Drinking hot water regularly, before breakfast, helps the body release its toxins.

Warm water has a depurative effect and facilitates gastrointestinal “washing”.

It is a simple, effective, and inexpensive remedy without any side effects which if you drink it all day, from the morning on an empty stomach, you will lose belly.


Boil water for 3 minutes, and drink the non-boiling water.

2 0 – Lemon juice

Thanks to its appetite suppressant, fat-burning, and detoxifying effects, lemon juice can help you slim down your belly.

If you do not suffer from stomach aches or kidney problems.

Drink in the morning, on an empty stomach, a large glass of lemon juice diluted with hot water

21 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Provided that you drink not industrial cider vinegar made too quickly but a traditional cider vinegar made by vinegar makers, cider vinegar destroys fat and promotes weight loss in the belly, eliminating intestinal problems (constipation, spasms, gas)


Drink 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar, 2 to 3 times a day half an hour before meals.

Massage to lose belly

Massage your belly! Massages are very effective for losing belly quickly:

22 – Horsehair glove massage

Passing a horsehair glove over her belly is a very effective grandmother’s remedy for toning, firming, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, and eliminating dead cells and cellulite, while making her skin softer and silkier.

To melt your belly, gently, then more and more vigorously (without scratching your skin!) apply the horsehair glove after bathing and showering.

23 – Rolled palpated belly massage

Standing, working from the bottom up, starting at one side of the waist, and grabbing a bead for a few moments, roll a fold in a horizontal line to the other side.

Operate gently at first, grasping small folds of skin, then larger ones, rolling them more and more and increasing the pressure of the fingers more and more.

24 – Kneading belly massage

Pour oil on the belly, then from top to bottom and then bottom to top, hands open and flat, press gently. Release the pressure. Then start again by pressing more strongly this time with the edge of the hand gently but firmly.

Oils, alone without massage, do not have extraordinary effects for losing belly fat.

But on the other hand, the massages have some.

The two combined can therefore make your stomach flatter.

Slimming Massage Oil Recipes

25 – Grapefruit massage oil

Grapefruit essential oil, which has a draining effect, acts effectively on the stomach, melting cellulite, whether fibrous or fatty.


In a bottle, dilute 2 teaspoons of grapefruit essential oil in 100 ml of sweet almond oil.

Mix well, then preferably in the evening, after the shower, apply to the stomach, massaging it vigorously and in a supported way, in circulatory and draining frictions or with a horsehair glove, for about fifteen minutes.

26 – Ivy and grapefruit massage oil

Ivy oil, non-greasy, which has strong penetrating power, is ideal for melting the engorged tissues of the belly.


In a bottle, mix 100 ml of ivy vegetable oil with 40 drops of grapefruit essential oil + 20 drops of lemon essential oil and 20 drops of cypress essential oil.

Plant poultices can facilitate drainage and therefore help you lose belly fat.

27 – Poultice with seaweed, bean, salt

Cook in very little water 80 g of dried seaweed, 100 g of bran, and 100 g of coarse gray sea salt.


A homogeneous paste is obtained, apply it with a brush on the belly. Keep a quarter of an hour maintaining compresses and bandages.

28 – Climbing Ivy Poultice

Grind some climbing ivy leaves into powder, then pour in a little water and mix to obtain a smooth paste.

Then using a brush apply to the belly.

Keep a quarter of an hour.

The poultice can also be maintained with compresses and bandages.

But even if you lose fat, to have a flat stomach you have to build muscle.

To muscle the stomach

29 – Electro stimulation belt

To lose belly fat and have a flat stomach, a belt with electrodes that send small electric shocks seems to be a solution, but only if you follow a balanced diet.

30 – Do push-ups

10 and 30 minutes of push-ups a day for 15 days will strengthen your abs and make you lose belly fat.

How to do push-ups

Lying on your stomach, put your hands flat or your elbows on the floor so that they are at shoulder height.

Lift your body straight up, without arching, leaning on your elbows or hands, then lower it, your body still straight.

And while leaning on your arms, which do not move, start raising and then lowering your body again, without ever touching the ground. Only the elbows (or hands for men) are in contact with the ground.

31 – Run

Running promotes the elimination of toxins and helps you lose belly fat.

Start by running slowly for 15 minutes, then gradually speed up at your own pace.

To successfully lose belly fat

Run 2-3 times a week, 40-45 minutes.

32 – Walk fast

To lose belly fat,  walk every day or at least 3 to 4 times a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

how to walk

To lose belly fat, walk by raising your waist as much as possible and tucking your belly in.

Above all, don’t let go. It is better to walk less and keep this posture which will melt your belly fat and gain your abs.

33 – Jump Rope

Jumping rope 30 minutes 3 times a week will allow you to sheath your abdominal belt, make you lose cellulite, and lose belly fat.

How to jump rope

Stay as straight as possible, look ahead while contracting your abs.

Start with 3-minute sets, keeping the same pace, as smoothly as possible, jumping on tiptoe to protect your heels, and if possible, trying not to stop.

Then you can move on to sessions of 30 minutes of continuous effort.

Jumping rope is effective but exhausting.

Do not hesitate to rest between 2 rope skipping sessions.


Skipping is not recommended for those with back pain, recurrent tendinitis, or heart problems.

34 – Cycling

The practice of the bicycle melts the bead and cellulite of the belly.

Cycle 90 minutes twice a week or 20 minutes a day.

In the gym, the best exercises to make you a flat stomach

35 – Elliptical trainer

This device is very effective in burning calories and losing belly fat.

How to ride an elliptical trainer

Train at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

To quickly have a flat stomach, you have to pay attention to your posture.

Keep your head up, your back straight, contract your abs, while pressing the pedals with your heels.

Grasp the handles and pull on them when you pedal, and with your back always straight, without ever arching your back, push your feet as far back as possible.

36 – Treadmill

Nothing better than the treadmill to lose your stomach!

Start with 20 to 40 minutes of easy running in a row,  then alternate 5 minutes of easy running with brisk walking.

As you practice, you will gradually be able to go the distance.

And the longer and faster you walk, the more your belly fat will go away.

And drink these infusions:

37 – Fennel herbal tea

If your belly swells after meals, fennel infusions will be of great help to you.


In a cup or bowl, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of seeds, previously crushed.

Leave to infuse covered for 10 minutes.

Drink a cup of infusion in the morning on an empty stomach and a cup of decoction after lunch and dinner.

38 – Laurel herbal tea

Laurel, in infusion, can relieve difficult digestion, stomach ache due to bloating and aerophagia and therefore can deflate the stomach.

Drink after meals an infusion of bay leaves.


In a cup pour boiling water over 5-6 bay leaves. Leave to infuse for 8 minutes. Filter.

39 – Caraway in herbal tea or to chew

Thanks to caraway tea, your swollen belly will become flattered again.


Quite simply because caraway has the power to reduce bloating and flatulence.


In a cup, pour boiling water over 1 tbsp of caraway.

Leave to infuse covered for 10 minutes. Filter.

Drink a cup of cumin tea after each meal.

– Or chew caraway seeds after meals.

The last piece of advice is not at all natural!

But sometimes you can’t easily lose belly fat despite diets, herbal teas, or exercises.

Only the surgical solution remains.

40 – Belly liposuction

Liposuction is an operation that removes belly fat using a cannula.

The plastic surgeon, and he alone, can remove up to 5 to 6 liters of fat, which will reshape his body and regain a beautiful silhouette.

This operation must be carried out in a clinic or hospital.


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