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How to get rid of bloating


Discover how to get rid of bloating

Swollen belly, belching, flatulence, gurgling, discomfort… These disorders are generally mild but they can become bothersome daily… There are quick and effective solutions to treat bloating.

Definition of bloating

Bloating is due to intestinal gas produced during digestion which accumulates and remains blocked in the intestines. They can also result from an aerophagia problem, that is to say, too much air ingestion occurring when you eat. Result: you feel digestive heaviness, produce burps, flatulence, your stomach gurgles, etc.

Do you recognize yourself in these symptoms? Don’t worry, there are many ways to avoid them or relieve them effectively.

How to avoid the appearance of bloating?

How to get rid of bloatingHow to get rid of bloating

By eating fewer foods that produce intestinal gas. To avoid ending up with a bloated stomach after eating, the first thing to do is to take care of your food hygiene. For example, avoid putting certain foods on the menu: vegetables from the cabbage family, bread, pulses, etc. Also, try to do without soft drinks and chewing gum.

By eating in good conditions. Did you know that the context in which you eat is also important in the appearance of intestinal bloating? Take your meals sitting down, without hurrying and chewing well before swallowing each bite. Your belly will thank you…

What drugs relieve intestinal bloating?

Bloating, like acid reflux and heartburn, are among the small everyday ailments that can be relieved through treatments available in pharmacies without a prescription, if lifestyle and dietary advice are not sufficient. Here are the main ones:

Digestive dressings. They contain a clay called kaolin or derivatives of silicone-like dimethicone. When bloating is associated with acid reflux or a burning stomach, medications that combine antacids and bandages are recommended. Rennie® Deflatin® is a fast and effective treatment that acts locally in the stomach.

It combines two antacid active ingredients – calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate- and dimethicone. It is one of the treatments recommended to treat heartburn associated with bloating when it is punctual or spaced out, occurring less than once a week.

Antispasmodics, which fight pain. They are often marketed in combination with a digestive dressing or charcoal.

Natural remedy to get rid of bloating quickly

Did you know that certain plants were used in herbal medicine to relieve bloating? Leaves of lemon balm, fennel, thyme, and green anise have these virtues. To take advantage of their digestive properties, drink them right after meals.

There are also several homeopathic solutions to relieve bloating.

Think stress is causing your bloating? Meditation, yoga, or relaxation exercises can soothe them.

You can also try other gentle, bowel-friendly methods. For example, massaging your belly or practicing a physical activity: walking, swimming… Objective: pamper yourself to pamper your digestion!

How to do

1. Prepare yourself a chamomile tea .

2. Add one to two drops of tarragon essential oil to the cup.

3. Stir with a spoon to mix well.


4. Wait a minute or two and drink.

5. Drink this remedy morning, noon and night for a week.


There you go, your aerophagia problem is just a bad memory 🙂

For a faster preparation, you can also use half a sugar and pour the drops of essential oils directly on it.

The essential oil of tarragon can be replaced by the essential oil of rosemary with cineole , or tropical basil.

Causes of aerophagia

Know that aerophagia is often due to an unsuitable diet.

To avoid suffering from it, consider reducing, or better eliminating, the consumption of certain foods such as sandwich bread, sweets and chewing gum.

Same for carbonated and sugary drinks like sodas.

Also try to avoid eating too quickly, as this promotes the ingestion of a large amount of air.

Finally, be aware that stress is a very common cause of aerophagia. In this case, why not relax in a good bicarbonate bath?

Why does it work?

Tarragon essential oil has recognized digestive properties. It stimulates digestive secretions and helps transform food.

This aids digestion and prevents food from stagnating in the digestive system. It is also known for its carmitative properties.

Not only does it facilitate the expulsion of intestinal gas, but it also limits their production. It therefore fights effectively against gases.

As a result, bloating and flatulence are much less important. Be aware that this also limits the development of parasites.


Essential oils are powerful active ingredients. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe, and you don’t need to take precautions before using essential oils.

In general, essential oils are formally not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, babies, and children.

Always seek the advice of a specialist before using essential oils: doctor, phytotherapist or specialized pharmacist

When should you see a doctor?

When dietary measures and treatments are not sufficient, medical advice is necessary. Similarly, if the intestinal bloating continues over time or is associated with other symptoms (vomiting, malaise, diarrhea, fever, etc.), consult your doctor


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