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How to get rid of cockroaches naturally


Discover how to get rid of cockroaches naturally.

Among the invasive beasts that can be found in a house, cockroaches are among the most disturbing insects. As soon as one of the points to the tip of his nose, it’s panic! And for good reason, these ugly beasts reproduce at full speed. How to eradicate cockroaches without polluting your interior? Explanations.How to get rid of cockroaches naturallyHow to get rid of cockroaches naturally

How do you know if you have cockroaches in your home?

Whether you live in a big city or the countryside, you are not immune to having cockroaches in your home. Here are some tips to find out if you are infested with these insects that attack food and even books.

The meeting with the animal: Alive or dead, most often, the best way to realize that cockroaches have invaded the home, is to come across one. 

An unpleasant odor: Cockroaches give off an unpleasant, slightly musky odor, released by their pheromones. It’s a way for them to communicate. The more they are, the more intense the smell will be.

Eggs: Cockroaches lay eggs that look a bit like ground coffee. Stay vigilant if you think you have come across these funny little black specks at home.

Egg pouches or molts: Cockroach eggs are laid in dark pouches. You can also come across cockroach molts because this insect changes its appearance and size: during its life, it will go through three stages, egg, nymph, and adult size.

Damaged foodstuffs: Cockroaches mainly attack food. Packaging, plastic, or cardboard does not stop them. They prefer soft and sweet foods like fruits especially if they are very ripe. So watch for “nibbled” packaging and attack fruit.

American and German cockroaches, what are the differences?

The German cockroach: This is the smallest species but also the most common. 

Size: 10-15mm long

Color: Bronze to light brown

Diet: She likes sweet foods, fats, and meat. It can also attack soap, glue, or even toothpaste. Sometimes cannibalistic, cockroaches can devour each other.

 The American cockroach: This species can “fly” (in reality it hovers) over short distances.

Size: 35-40mm long

Colour: Shiny reddish to chocolate

Diet: Omnivorous and opportunistic, it also likes fermented foods such as cheese or beer, but also paper, glue, dried skins, dead animals, plant matter, soiled clothing. They can also eat their congeners.

The oriental cockroach: It is found in temperate and cool climates

Size: 20-27mm long

Color: Blackish

Diet: Omnivorous, it mainly appreciates starch-based foods, but it also likes waste, food residues, and decomposing organic matter. 

The striped cockroach: Cosmopolitan, this species lives both in houses and in nature

Size: 10-14mm long


Colour: Pale brown with two light bands running across its abdomen.

Diet: Omnivorous like other species of cockroaches, it likes to devour anything rich in starch (paper, glue) but also rotting food.

Why do we say that cockroaches should not be crushed?

According to Stéphane Audru from the rat control, insect control, and disinfection company ASD Protect, there are two reasons why cockroaches should not be crushed: first, you risk dispersing their eggs which could hatch a little everywhere in your habitat, and by crushing them, you expose yourself to them dispersing their smell composed of pheromones.

These can attract other cockroaches to your home. “ As a precaution, it is better to seize the cockroach in absorbent paper and throw it in the toilet, or even better, put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash ”, indicates the specialist, “ by crushing a cockroach, we take the risk of lugging a few eggs under our shoes and spreading them on the ground, ” he specifies.

How to get rid of cockroaches naturally

If you want to get rid of your cockroaches naturally, as with food moths, the first instinct is to thoroughly clean your kitchen with white vinegar, added with tea tree or lemon essential oil: cupboards, shelves, refrigerator, worktops, floors, tiles (possibly the walls) as well as household appliances which may contain traces of grease.

Don’t forget the back of the refrigerator: the cup that collects condensation water just above the motor is a godsend for cockroaches. The water is warm and more or less stagnant, it is dark and no one bothers them. On some models of refrigerators, this cup is not visible, but it must still be treated.

 Cockroaches love warm, humid places. They are also attracted to water and food of all kinds.  

 Also, think about your bathroom!

 Also, be sure to throw away any leftover food left in the open air as well as food that may have been contaminated by placing them in closed garbage bags. The ideal is to put these bins in the freezer to permanently eradicate cockroaches and their eggs.

Namely, cockroaches are fond of pet food and onions.

Tip: for more efficiency, use a steam cleaner with white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil.

After cleaning/disinfecting all the corners, take out your vacuum cleaner and carefully vacuum the sensitive rooms (bathroom and kitchen) to get rid of any cockroach eggs and throw the vacuum cleaner bag in a well-closed trash can.

Make cockroach traps

Next step: place traps or failing that, make them. Lay empty cans (tuna cans, for example) at the bottom of Vaseline and leftover food. Once the cockroaches are attracted to the food, they will stick to the box.

Another cockroach trap: diatomaceous earth. It is a natural insecticide. In a container, place a bottom of 2 cm of diatomaceous earth and add food in the center, for example, a piece of meat or cheese, coffee grounds, sugar… And there you have it, a cockroach trap… deadly!

Finally, as for ants, baking soda is effective, provided it is placed in strategic places (works both preventively and “curatively”). Cockroaches that eat it, become dehydrated and die.

Prevent a cockroach infestation

Once you have eradicated your colony of cockroaches, you must do everything to prevent these undesirables from inviting themselves back into your home.

If you have pets and you leave their food in “self-service” bowls, place them in a basin with a little soapy water to repel cockroaches.

Does your home tend to be humid? Invest in moisture absorbers, otherwise, it’s a safe bet that your worst enemies will return!

Also consider natural repellents, such as lemon eucalyptus essential oil and lavender. Pour a few drops on paper or cotton and place them in strategic, warm, and humid places (under the sink, in the bathroom, near the fridge, etc.).

In winter, remember to regularly ventilate your home because cockroaches cannot stand the cold.

For the rest, it is a question of classic rules concerning other insects: clean your work surface regularly, do not leave leftover food or water stagnant, keep food in airtight containers, throw your garbage cans in closed bags.

Finally, if you have a cat at home, rejoice! It would be very effective in scaring away cockroaches. 


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