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How to get rid of cough


Discover how to get rid of cough.

Are you coughing and can’t calm the irritation that bothers you at the back of your throat? Many reasons can cause this cough. Before you worry, you can try to calm your cough by applying some tips that are sometimes very simple but effective!

Where does my cough come from and how can I relieve it?

When your airways are blocked by phlegm or irritants, your body reacts by trying to expel them, so you start coughing.

In most cases, it is a viral infection: viral angina, nasopharyngitis, cold, or even Covid-19. However, other diseases may be involved. Indeed, gastroesophageal reflux, asthma, or an allergy can cause this irritation.

So, what remedy to use for a cough? Do not panic, there are medicinal solutions, and others, are more natural. HTGR medical team explains!

How to get rid of coughHow to get rid of cough

How to calm the cough?

We have all been in a situation where we start coughing at home, without having the appropriate medication on hand. Whether it’s a dry cough, a wet cough, or a chronic cough, there are some natural treatments that you can use as cough remedies to give you relief.

• In the first case, remember to hydrate yourself well:  all the water you consume will have the effect of thinning the mucus and the cough will pass more quickly.

• Covering yourself well will also be beneficial: your body will be warm and better able to defend itself against the raging virus.

• Then, as so often when you are not feeling well, it is necessary to rest.

• Cough syrup, more for dry cough than for wet cough, is also very effective in relieving symptoms.

If you experience the symptoms of coughing, it is best to consult a doctor online so as not to contaminate him by going to his office. He will be able to give you the right recommendations to calm your symptoms.

How to stop a cough with a grandmother’s remedy?

Here are some natural home remedies for dry cough:

• herbal tea, consumption of lemon and honey.

• cinnamon is also considered an effective remedy, you can boil it in water or lemon juice.

• mix lemon juice, honey, and voila. Honey, sweet and sweet, heals irritated tissues, lemon juice provides vitamin C to your immune system and chili increases the blood supply to the affected area and allows you to heal faster.

What natural cough remedy?

There are other cough remedies, a little less traditional, but just as effective. Here is a small list:

Medicinal herbal teas: drink medicinal herbal teas made from thyme to relieve your sore throat and reduce coughing fits. Add a little honey to sweeten the taste.

Essential oils: inhalations of essential oils will also be effective. Choose oils of thyme, chamomile, eucalyptus… Before using essential oils, ask your doctor for advice. Some can indeed cause allergies.

Friction: Rubbing menthol ointment on your throat and chest will clear your airways.


Lozenges: Honey and lemon lozenges can soothe your cough. Against a dry cough, all sweets will have their effect thanks to the appearance of saliva.

What diseases cause cough?

Most often, illnesses like nasopharyngitis or bronchitis cause you to cough. A dry cough that becomes greasy can reflect an evolution of the disease without necessarily being pejorative. In any case, these symptoms must be treated by following the advice of your doctor to choose the right treatment.

Other infections like pneumonia or whooping cough can also cause you to cough. In the case of the latter, you will see a hoarse cough evoking the crowing of the rooster. It is important to consult your doctor for medical follow-up in the case of these diseases.

Good to know: nasopharyngitis can also make your head feel heavy.

Cough, one of the symptoms of the coronavirus

We have known it since the start of the epidemic, coughing is one of the major symptoms of coronavirus.

If you cough, it is possible that you are infected but to be sure, you should get tested. It is now possible to be prescribed a screening test but also a serological test reimbursed 100% by Health Insurance.

Limit your movements and wear a mask

On the other hand, if your cough were to worsen and cause respiratory problems with a strong feeling of suffocation (can you or cannot you count from 1 to 20 without stopping?), you should contact 15 as soon as possible. promptly.

Good to know :

• If you have a simple cough, stay well at home and avoid infecting other people who are likely to experience serious complications.

• Respect the barrier gestures (distance of at least one meter, hand washing, use of hydro-alcoholic solutions, wearing a mask, etc.).

Cough and asthma

An asthma attack may be accompanied by a cough. It will be a particular cough accompanied by rales resembling whistles (whistling).

Physical exertion or a viral infection such as that found in rhinitis or nasopharyngitis, for example, may cause seizures. The asthmatic cough and its causes will then have to be treated, especially in the case of a baby cough.

Cough and allergy

When one is the victim of an allergy, one can be taken from a cough which becomes chronic if one does not find the cause of the allergy and that one does not treat the allergen in question. Allergic cough is frequently accompanied by other allergy-related symptoms such as:

• itchy throat,

• crying eyes,

• sneezing.

You can opt for a remedy against cough with the advice given above but it will be necessary to resort more often to an antihistamine treatment and to take measures to avoid the allergen responsible. Specific desensitization cures may be offered by an allergist. Otherwise, you risk suffering from a chronic cough.

Persistent cough

If you are the victim of nocturnal cough and a cough every day because it has become chronic, it is best to consult your doctor who, after a clinical examination, will do everything possible to find the causes and offer you a remedy for your cough. A chronic cough may be due, for example, to gastroesophageal reflux disease.


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