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How to get rid of double chin without surgery


Discover how to get rid of a double chin without surgery.

 How to get rid of double chin without surgery How to get rid of double chin without surgery

A double chin is an excess fat located under the chin. This fatty mass can be superficial or installed deeper. When experienced as a complex, it can become embarrassing and even obsessive in patients. To correct a double chin, different techniques are possible. Note that you do not necessarily need to go through the “surgery” box.


We speak of a double chin when a pile of fat forms under the jaw, which deforms the oval of the face and therefore breaks all its harmony. This disgrace is more or less severe and sometimes enormously complex for patients.

A few years ago, the double chin was difficult to correct without avoiding the scalpel and therefore plastic surgery. Now, innovative aesthetic medicine techniques have proven themselves and are attracting more and more patients wishing to get rid of their double chin.


Men, women, thin people, as well as obese people, can experience a double chin. This results from a double phenomenon:

• fat accumulation

• Skin slackening.

It is linked to different causes, starting with weight gain. Indeed, the double chin very often reflects an unbalanced diet and too much fat consumption. This disgrace is also associated with age: over the years, the muscles weaken, as well as the tissues and cartilage of the face.


The double chin can also be caused by a lack of bone projection, an overly sedentary lifestyle, insufficient movement, heredity, or even genetics.


There is not necessarily a need to turn to cosmetic surgery to erase your double chin.


Natural techniques, combined with patience and discipline, allow you to fight it. For example, the double chin can be alleviated by practicing facial gymnastics or facial yoga exercises.

Some specific creams and topicals also make it possible to smooth and tighten this fragile area of the face. Finally, you can opt for mechanical massage sessions with a physiotherapist to smooth and identify the skin of your neck.


Another technique to get rid of a double chin consists in destroying it by… the cold! Cryolipolysis offers this possibility, more particularly the Coolsculpting method.

The principle of cryolipolysis is to cool the adipocytes (fat cells) of the chin to an extreme temperature to cause their apoptosis (natural death).

The treatment makes it possible to definitively treat excess fat in the chin area without surgery, without needles, and with social eviction. Only one session is necessary thanks to the application of the CoolMini, a device specially designed to fit the shape of your chin and treat excess fat with optimal efficiency.


The Center Esthétique Trémoille finally offers the Kybella Belkyra treatment to people who wish to lose their double chin without surgery. This is a drug resulting from the research of the Allergan laboratory and allows your double chin to disappear without liposuction.

Composed of deoxycholic acid, it is administered in the form of injections in the double chin area to destroy fat cells in just a few sessions. This therapeutic solution allows the oval of the face to regain its tone and firmness.


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