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How to get rid of eye bags & dark circles


Discover how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes: 12 tips to end it

How to get rid of eye bags & dark circlesHow to get rid of eye bags & dark circles

If I usually like to talk to you about your dear and tender…, (your beard of course!) I don’t want to neglect either the part of your body on which your beard is located: the face. Because being a modern, assertive man today means knowing how to take care of yourself and your face in general, not just your facial hair.

Even if, I tell you in advance, you are of course not going to spend hours every day in front of your mirror as these dear ladies do… No. But that said, being a man shouldn’t mean neglecting yourself, quite the contrary.

And if there’s one thing that makes guys quite neglected, it’s dark circles under the eyes, or even worse, bags under the eyes.

Well, even if it’s from time to time, I want to say that it’s normal. With fatigue, stress all that, dark circles or bags under the eyes may appear. But when it’s daily, or almost daily, maybe you should think about doing something… And I think I have exactly what you need.

Besides, I had already told you about dark circles under the eyes in another article on the blog, but it was quite concise. There, I would like to dwell on it so that you can find lots of tips to remedy it. I’m sure you’d like to regain a healthy glow and a little youthful look! (unless you are already young of course…what?)

How to get rid of dark circles

Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are two different things. Let’s start with dark circles first, and then I’ll briefly tell you about bags under the eyes.

Medically speaking, dark circles are a color variation of the skin under the eyes. They are generally due to poor blood circulation, but also a disruption of the lymphatic tissues.

And depending on your skin type, the color of dark circles can vary: blue, black, yellow… Consequence: you look tired, with a bad look. And if ever your skin is mixed dark or black, inevitably it will be less visible and that’s the best.

Tip 1: the cold

If your dark circles appear occasionally, you can opt for a super simple solution: very cold spoons to apply directly to your dark circles. So yes, it will be quite unpleasant, especially if you do it in winter, but the result will be there. And then, tell yourself that after all, it remains occasional.

Here is the method:

• Take two teaspoons and put them in the freezer the night before (or in the morning if you dare to wait…)

• When you wake up, apply a spoonful to each eye for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, you will already see your dark circles which will have diminished. It is therefore a quick and effective solution, especially if you have an important appointment during the day. Well yes, it’s always better to arrive at work looking awake, right?

Tip 2: tea bags

To remove dark circles under the eyes that occasionally appear, you can also use tea bags. If you and your wife drink it in the morning, it will be perfect since you can then apply it to your dark circles! You will therefore make double use of the teabag: pleasant hot drink and perfectly natural concealer, not bad, right?

Here is the method:

• As usual, dip your tea bag in boiling water and enjoy it quietly for your breakfast. If you are the only one to drink it in the family, this time put two, it is essential.

• Remove the tea bags from your cup (or bowl) and let them cool.

• Once the sachets are more or less lukewarm, apply them to your eyes for about ten minutes. It is also possible to let your tea bags cool in the freezer and then apply them to dark circles. Be careful though that they are not frozen? as it may damage your eyes.

• Take out the tea bags (you haven’t fallen asleep I hope?), and look in the mirror, the dark circles should have diminished.

It is possible that the operation only works after several attempts, over several days, so don’t panic!

Tip 3: cucumber

Removing dark circles under the eyes is also possible with cucumber. Besides, I believe that this trick is known by a lot of people.

But if it is also famous, it is because it works. Indeed and thanks to its high vitamin K content, cucumber will allow your eyes to regain better blood circulation, and this is exactly what your dark circles need to disappear.

Here is the method:

• Take your cucumber out of the fridge (if it’s fresh and you just bought it at the local market, it’s even better…)

• Cut two nice slices with a knife.

• Apply them for ten minutes on your closed eyes.

• Remove the washers, and see the result in front of the mirror.

In addition to having diminished your dark circles, you will feel a real boost of freshness on your face. Rather pleasant, isn’t it?

Tip 4: lifestyle

It may seem quite strange to some of you, but the appearance of dark circles can be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. So if you want to remove dark circles under your eyes, you will have to change some bad habits that you have taken…

Starting, and that goes without saying, with sleep! Indeed, the less you sleep, the more likely it is that dark circles will appear under your eyes.

I know that if you’re a night owl, it won’t necessarily be easy at first…but your body will get used to it. Try to see the number of hours of sleep that suits your body and apply it as much as possible each day.

Little advice all the same: do not abuse sleep. If you sleep too much (like 10 hours a night), well you’ll feel like you’re always tired, and you won’t want to do anything…

Speaking of sleep, know that it is also very important for your beard to look good! So all the more reason to get started.

Aside from sleep, it’s also important that you drink plenty of water during the day. Yes, yes, believe me, it can remove dark circles under the eyes, or at least reduce them.

Also, stop stressing for nothing! I know, easy to say… but frankly it won’t help you remove your dark circles if you are often stressed. Finally, try to eat healthier, it will help you.

Tip 5: eye gym

Eye gym? Uh, yes, okay… What, my eyes are going to do trampoline, abs, weight lifting? I can already imagine you thinking about the scene.


Joking aside, you can also, in addition to the tips already mentioned above, perform gymnastics for your eyes to remove dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to this, blood circulation will be better under your eyes. And who says better circulation says less dark circles.

Here is the method:

• Make a very delicate massage (be careful guys, eyes are very fragile) on the contour of your eyes by tapping with the index finger of your hand for a few moments.

• Then, lightly smooth your skin (still under your eyes) by applying light pressure.

Tip 6: lemon and olive oil

To remove dark circles under the eyes that last and persist, there is also this super effective remedy, which you can use as a cure for about half a month, or three weeks, every night before sleeping.

Here is the method:

• In a bowl, mix a few drops of olive oil and half a lemon (if it’s fresh, it’s better).

• Soak a cotton ball in the olive oil-lemon mixture

• Apply it to your dark circles, under the eyes.

Tip 7: cosmetic serum

If you don’t feel like the hassle of making homemade preparations, you can also buy a special serum to remove dark circles under your eyes.

There are quite a few on the market, but the problem is always the chemicals and bad for your skin ingredients that are there. Before any purchase, be very careful about what you are offered, especially since this type of product is not cheap…


How to get rid of eye bags

Well, we now move on to a more serious point: the pockets. Why am I telling you more seriously? Because clearly, it’s not like dark circles. It’s much more accentuated, and inevitably it shows much more.

First of all, you should know that removing bags under the eyes is not as easy as dark circles. Naturally, we won’t be able to remove them completely, moreover, but only reduce them… by surgery to remove them.

Bags under the eyes have several causes. They can for example be due to water retention, or to a small mass of fat located in your lower eyelids.

Well, it could also be due to a very serious lack of sleep over time, or even heredity. And for the latter, as much to say that we are simply unlucky!

Obviously, the older you get, in addition to external factors (tobacco, alcohol, foods that are too fatty, too salty, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.), the more your bags under your eyes will tend to increase.

Come on, look in the mirror now. Do you notice any bags under your eyes? If so, I would like to give you some tips on how to fade them. I did say blur, huh.

Tip 1: More tea!

To reduce bags under the eyes, you can use tea bags just like dark circles. You will have understood that this will not have the same effect, but it will at least allow you to look less heavy, and more relaxed. The method is the same as for dark circles.

Tip 2: Compresses

Blur the bags under the eyes can also be achieved with very very cold compresses. Understand that puffiness will form a kind of edema under your eyelids. The extreme cold will therefore reduce this edema, and by extension reduce your puffiness.

Here is the method:

• Bring two compresses.

• Place them in the freezer the night before, or in the morning about thirty minutes before use.

• Apply each compress to each pocket, for approximately ten minutes.

• Remove the compresses and see the result.

For best results, I recommend that you perform this operation every morning. Finally, if you have the time, and above all… the courage!

Tip 3: Water

Similar to dark circles, reducing bags under the eyes also involves drinking a large amount of water each day.

Anyway, guys, there is no mystery and you will see the result in your dark circles as well as in your puffiness if you drink a lot of water. The more you drink, the better! If you manage to drink 1.5L a day, that’s already very good.

Tip 4: The anti-puffiness gesture

To boost the blood circulation of your eyes and your face in general, you can also perform an anti-puffiness “gesture” to reduce the bags under the eyes. This consists of stimulating blood circulation with small, very short, and very simple gestures in the morning.

Here is the method:

• With your five fingers open, tap very light strokes all over your upper body, starting at the top of your chest, all the way to the skull (this, therefore, includes chest, neck, face, forehead, and head). )

• Then, with your thumb and forefinger, now pinch (hey, pinch gently huh!) all over your face for a minute or two, to relax your skin tissues.

• Finally, always with your fingers “in a pinch”, pinch the contour of your eyes (under the eyes) from the inside outwards by going back and forth several times, this will help reduce puffiness and revitalize the underside of your eyes

For this to be effective, you should do it regularly.

Tip 5: eye contour serum

I’ll end by saying that if you don’t feel like going for all these homemade tricks, you can also buy an eye contour serum that will reduce your puffiness.

The problem (I know, I repeat myself) always remains the composition of the products. Many of these products will not be good for your eyes, on the contrary.

It would therefore be best to seek advice from someone experienced in natural products, before making any purchase. If you are used to buying this kind of product and you can spot the good ones from the bad components, then go for it.


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