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How to get rid of field mice naturally


Discover how to get rid of field mice naturally.

They may be cute in the photo, field mice are not classified in the category of rodent pests by chance. In a garden, these hairy little beasts eat everything, or almost everything, from bulbs to roots, including the production of the vegetable patch. Enough to make you want to see them settle elsewhere, with some tips for getting rid of field mice!How to get rid of field mice naturallyHow to get rid of field mice naturally

How to identify field mice in a garden?

To avoid attacking field mice with slug pellets or vice versa, it is better to start by learning to spot rodents. What is not so simple since the animal is tiny at ten centimeters and its thirty grams, that it is agile, fast, that it swims, and that it jumps, in addition to living the night.

In short, there is little chance of coming face to face with a field mouse in the garden, which is rather good news. To identify it, it is, therefore, necessary to monitor the plantations and in particular the inexplicable damage!

Field mice dig burrows and love to eat root vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, but also salads. If the vegetable garden is dotted with holes, the plants look gray and the roots are gnawed, a field mouse is probably lying around… and it is better to act quickly since the critter reproduces at high speed.

How to keep field mice away naturally?

Before the invasion of field mice, we can adopt some tips to prevent their arrival or disturbing their installation. In prevention or at the first signs, therefore, we adopt an impeccable routine in the vegetable garden: we do not leave untended wastelands, since rodents love mulch or plant debris.

We pick the vegetables as soon as they are ripe, so as not to offer them an open-air pantry. And we avoid leaving the bulbs in the ground, whatever they are. When planting, you can also surround the bulbs with plastic baskets to make it more difficult for field mice to access them.


Even better? We take the opportunity to turn the earth regularly to prevent field mice, moles, or mole rats from building an underground city under the garden. And we plan to plant varieties supposed to keep field mice and other rodents away, such as imperial fritillaries, garlic, elderberry, or castor bean.

Even if the repellent effect does not work, it is decorative! The elderberry manure sprayed near the galleries is supposed to scare away rodents, provided that the application is repeated regularly: 1 kg of chopped elderberry, 10 liters of water, two days of maceration, and watering. Or we buy it ready-made, it depends.

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How to hunt field mice naturally?

The first option is to hunt field mice without chemicals or toxic products, natural predators! We plant hedges in which they can hide, we install large nest boxes in the trees of the garden and we make friends with the neighbors’ cat, in the absence of weasels, weasels, or owls in the area.

If the predators do not do their job and the field mice refuse to leave the area, this time, we will have to act. We invest in field mouse traps, a harmless version for animal lovers with non-injurious traps: the rodent is attracted by a bait and locked in the trap, but it will have to be released kilometers away.

For the others, there are also vulnerable traps, in other words from which the field mouse will not recover, such as guillotine traps. Effective but frankly not very pleasant.

In all cases and whatever the decision, toxic products, and poisons are avoided as much as possible to eliminate the field mice, even those to be placed in the galleries: some are harmful to the environment and they are dangerous for the animals of the company or the rest of the wildlife.


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