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How to get rid of flies at home


Discover how to get rid of flies at home.

When summer comes, flies can invade our homes. They land everywhere, they carry bacteria and they poop on everything they find.

Also, females reproduce very quickly in summer and can lay 400-600 eggs. Fortunately, there are natural and ecological methods to get rid of them.

 How to get rid of flies at home How to get rid of flies at home

Tip 1: A clean house

It sounds simple, and yet it is the basis! To avoid having flies at home, you must start by not attracting them. To do this, keep your house clean, with no food out or dirty dishes visible.

Make sure your work surfaces are clean and free of crumbs and food scraps and that your trash cans are regularly emptied and smell-free. Of course, this is not always enough, but it is a good start.

Tip #2: Garlic

Flies hate garlic. To keep them away, we advise you to peel a few cloves and boil them. Filter the water and place it on your windowsills. This should be enough to repel the flies.

Tip 3: Onion

Like garlic, onion is very handy for repelling flies. Cut one into slices and place them in cups that you will distribute around the house. Do not hesitate to make broths to place on the windowsills. Flies, put off by the smell, will not approach!

Tip #4: Cloves

Flies don’t like the smell of cloves. Cut citrus fruits into halves or quarters, such as lemons, clementines, grapefruits, or oranges. Plant a few cloves in it and scatter them around your house, preferably near windows and doors, and replace them every week. Thus, you will enjoy the good smell of this mixture while repelling flies from your home.

Tip 5: Lavender

Lavender is a good way to repel flies, as well as many pests like fleas and ticks. The advantage is that lavender smells good for you – unlike garlic in particular –, that it is decorative, and that it can be arranged in several ways: in sachets, in small pots, in bouquets, in essential oil, etc

You can grow it in your garden or your windowsill to dispose of it whenever you want or buy it. If you use essential oil, just pour a few drops on pieces of fabric. Place them in several places in your house to keep flies away.

Tip 6: Basil

Not everyone likes the smell of basil, but this plant is very effective in repelling flies! Get several pots of basil and install them on your windowsills.


Not only will you be able to take advantage of it to pleasantly enhance your dishes, but you will also get rid of the flies, which will no longer dare approach your home!

Tip 7: Mint

Like basil, mint is an aromatic that flies don’t like. Arrange a few feet in pots that you will place on your windowsills.

Otherwise, pick leaves that you will place in cups and which will be renewed regularly. Like basil, mint is an interesting solution, because it allows you to cook good meals at the same time!

Tip n°8: Lemongrass, rose geranium, basil, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils

Flies and mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella, rose geranium, basil, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils. Arrange it on pieces of fabric or in small cups to place near your doors and windows.

Insects will no longer dare to enter your home! To counter mosquitoes or repel the flies that circle you when you eat outside, put a few drops on your clothes and they will leave you alone! No need to mix all the essences, only one is enough to obtain a result.

Tip n°9: White vinegar

White vinegar is a household essential, as it is useful for cleaning and disinfecting everything naturally and without danger to health. Use it to clean your windows and window frames.

Dilute it in a little hot water and clean with a clean, soft cloth. Your windows will be perfectly cleaned, disinfected, and freed of traces of water and other dirt. Also, flies hate this smell and will stay away from your windows. A doubly useful way to keep them away from the house!

You can also pour a little white vinegar into cups that you will place in the rooms of your house, especially near the windows. The flies will no longer dare to enter your home!

Tip 10: Milk and sugar

Attract flies to a homemade trap by placing milk, sugar, and a little pepper in wide cups. The flies that are already in your home will be attracted to the sweet mixture and will drown in the dish. Then you just have to throw them away.

Tip n°11: The traditional fly trap

When there are too many flies or you live in an area infested with flies, repellents may not be enough. You can build a homemade trap very simply. Simply cut a large plastic bottle in half about 1/3 of its height from the neck. At the bottom, have water and honey or a little sweet syrup.

Turn the top part over to place it like a funnel on the bottom of the bottle. Flies will be attracted to the sugar and enter the bottle through the funnel before becoming trapped.

Tip 12: Lights out

Like mosquitoes, flies are attracted to light. In complete darkness, they remain motionless. To avoid attracting them by leaving the light on inside when it’s dark outside. If some do manage to get in, lure them outside by turning off your house and lighting up the garden to get them out.


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