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How to get rid of hickeys


Discover how to get rid of hickeys.

Have your passionate kisses got the better of your skin and left you with a hickey? Here are the best tips to quickly get rid of this mark that is not easy to assume in society.

Kissing is one of the most pleasurable acts in the world, however, kisses can sometimes be more naughty, biting or so strong that they leave a small temporary bruise due to the prolonged sucking of the mouth which bursts small vessels of blood under the skin.

If that bright red mark is remembered from the passionate kiss, it’s hard to flaunt that slight bruise usually located on the neck during a business meeting or a date with the in-laws, because it is also the witness of a shared intimate moment that we often want to keep secret.How to get rid of hickeysHow to get rid of hickeys

Fortunately, there are solutions to speed up the healing process and make hickeys disappear quickly. Here are 5 effective beauty remedies to make them go incognito with those around you and get rid of them.

N°1: quickly reduce the color of the hickey with cream for bruises

Have a regular bruise ointment or anti-inflammatory gel in your medicine cabinet? Good news, thanks to these products you can speed up the healing of the bruise. It is enough to apply the ointment to the affected area several times a day.

Creams and ointments containing heparin or substances close to it are particularly effective. They are often used for sports injuries for example. They reduce blood clotting, which allows the stain left by the suction to disappear more quickly.

No. 2: cool the hickey to reduce its swelling

It also happens that the suction leaves not only a colored mark on your neck but also a small area of swollen skin which is then a little painful. In this case, you can, in addition to the anti-bruising cream, cool the area by applying an ice pack or an ice cube to it.

This not only relieves the pain but also reduces the swelling and therefore makes the hickey less visible. Before applying cold to your hickey, consider wrapping your ice pack or ice cubes in a clean cloth to avoid further irritating the affected skin area.

Moreover, to make your life easier, you can also cool your hickey with a small cold spoon. Simply place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes (or even better: the night before for the morning, and the morning for the evening) and apply it to your hickey for five to ten minutes. Do this several times a day until the swelling subsides.

N°3: treat the bruise of the hickey with heat

When your hickey is no longer swollen, but the little bruise is still clearly visible, it is then possible to fight the bruise with thermal treatment and more precisely this time with heat.

Although it may seem strange at first, heat stimulates blood circulation in our skin. Result: small bruises that have formed under the skin can heal more quickly.

To do this without risking burning yourself, simply soak a clean cloth in hot water, wring it out and then place it on the hickey for about fifteen minutes. You can repeat this heat treatment several times a day so that the intensity of the blue fades gradually.

N°4: get rid of a hickey with tiger balm

Red Tiger Balm is an ancestral ointment developed by a Chinese herbalist that contains many plant extracts and essential oils. It has an effect similar to thermal heat treatment.


Indeed, unlike White Tiger Balm, which smells of peppermint and eucalyptus and helps relieve colds and headaches, Red Tiger Balm is a remedy used to relieve muscle tension that provides a feeling of warmth. to the application. It is the cajeput essential oil contained in the balm which stimulates blood circulation and warms the skin.

You can therefore apply it to your hickeys to quickly reduce them and help them disappear as quickly as possible. You should always apply it sparingly to the area of skin concerned and wash your hands immediately afterward so as not to risk getting it in your eyes by rubbing them inadvertently, for example.

No. 5: camouflage a hickey with makeup

No time to wait for your hickey to fade and disappear thanks to our remedies? The quickest SOS solution remains makeup, which will not treat the bruise, but camouflage it effectively.

Here’s how to camouflage a hickey with makeup, step by step:

First, follow the same procedure as you would before applying makeup to your face and apply a little moisturizer to the affected area of the skin. Then, apply green concealer to the hickey to neutralize the redness and gently tap with your finger on it to blend the material into the skin.

Above all, do not apply a simple lighter concealer on the hickey, because the latter will only make it more visible.

Instead, play with the complementarity of colors to hide the various shades that the bruise can take over the days by using a green concealer when the hickey is red, a yellow concealer when the blue turns purple, and an orange concealer if the bruise turns blue.

Then apply a little foundation on top and tap gently with your finger to blend the makeup into the skin for the most natural coverage possible.

Finally, fix the camouflage made with a little transparent loose powder.

Of course, you can also cover up your neck hickey with clothes like turtlenecks or accessories like scarves and scarves, but in the summer that’s not an option anymore.

In this case, if you have long hair, your lengths are perfect to camouflage the hickeys in the neck. Think about it when styling your hair and avoid high ties to bet instead on cleverly detached lengths that fall on either side of your neck.

What is a hickey and why does it develop?

A hickey is just a bruise. When the person kissing you nibbles or sucks on the skin on your neck during the kiss, their mouth exerts pressure – specifically suction – which can cause small blood vessels under the skin to burst when the pressure lasts. long time. The blood then spreads under the skin and colors the tissues. This is how the hickey develops and the bruise appears.

Like most minor injuries and bruises, the hickey can remain visible for several weeks. During this period, it changes color like other bruises. At first, it is usually red and slightly swollen, then it turns bluish-purple before turning green-yellow.

Toothpaste to remove hickeys: good or bad idea?

You may have heard that toothpaste helps get rid of hickeys. Wondering if there’s any truth to this myth? The response is mixed. Indeed, the toothpaste contains sodium Laureth sulfate, an ingredient that helps dissolve oils and fats, which would accelerate the healing of pimples and hickeys. But beware: many other ingredients in toothpaste can irritate our skin and make bruising worse.


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