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How to get rid of mice


Discover how to get rid of mice.

how to get rid of micehow to get rid of mice

When you are invaded by rodents as harmful as mice, it is more than normal to want to get rid of them, even to exterminate them. But what exactly is a pest mouse? How do you tell it apart from another rodent? How to get rid of those nasty mice?

Why get rid of mice

We all fall for the little house mouse when we catch sight of it at the pet store. However, when the mouse finds itself in our own home and has brought all its friends there, the situation is not very good. Indeed, being infested with mice has its share of disadvantages.

First, these can hide and run in the walls and ceiling. These “runs” in search of food result in small furtive steps, marked by visible spots of fat. Also, it can happen that, out of fear, they urinate. A foul odor will pervade the whole house.

Then, if the cabinets keeping the food intact are not airtight, and said food is left in the open, there is a good chance that it will be found eaten away, near a small pile of excrement. In addition, thanks to its sharp teeth, the mouse can easily chew the electrical wires of the house!

Finally, mice can carry diseases and viruses that can be transmitted to humans. So, both for your health and that of others, you have to get rid of mice! But how?

How to get rid of mice

Now that we know that we must not delay before getting rid of mice, how can we achieve such a task? Here are some solutions to get rid of mice  :


• Sage, mint, and bay leaves are known to repel mice, exhausted by the smell of said leaves. A single sheet is enough, to a place where the rodents show up. Still need to know where they come from!

• A sparkling clean house reduces the chances of becoming infested with mice. In addition, it is possible to diffuse the scent of a strong essential oil. It will scare away the mice!

• There are also mouse traps, but these will prove of little use if it’s an infestation.

• Cat litter, placed sparingly around the mice’s entry door to the inside of the house, will serve to repel them.

However, if the situation seems out of control and the mice are unreachable, do not hesitate for a second before contacting certified exterminators.

A quick and efficient solution

There is only one quick way to get rid, for good, of the mice that have decided to invade your house. Indeed, only professional exterminators and experts in the field can act optimally, by offering an effective treatment against mice.

Thus, the owner or tenant whose house is infested will not take any risk with the manipulation of extermination products that are harmful and dangerous to health. In addition, the exterminator will be able to give clear instructions to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.


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