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How to get rid of nausea


Discover how to get rid of nausea.

Feeling nauseous at night is never pleasant. Are you heartbroken at the end of the day or bedtime? Then you need to relieve yourself.

HTGR explains the possible causes of nausea in the evening and how to react well.How to get rid of nauseaHow to get rid of nausea

What can cause nausea in the evening?

Gastro and food poisoning are the most common causes of morning and evening nausea. In this case, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain quickly follow. But many other causes can explain nausea that occurs in the evening.

Can fatigue cause nausea?

Did you have a difficult day? Nausea and fatigue are often linked. Nausea can therefore be triggered in the evening in the event of severe fatigue. In this case, nausea in the evening can also be accompanied by diffuse headaches.

If you experience these symptoms from time to time, a good night’s sleep will be enough to calm them down. On the other hand, if they become chronic, if you sleep badly, you should not let this state settle. Consider consulting a doctor.

When does pregnancy nausea start?

Nausea at night can be a sign of pregnancy. We often talk about morning sickness, pregnant women, but in fact, this nausea can appear at any time of the day.

There are many testimonials on internet forums of pregnant women who have nausea in the evening or late afternoon, rather than in the morning. In the majority of cases, this nausea fades after the 3rd month of pregnancy.

How to explain nausea in the evening after eating?

Do you suffer from nausea in the evening without vomiting even though you are not pregnant? It may be chronic dyspepsia, in other words, difficult digestion.

Nausea is accompanied by bloating, heartburn, or stomach aches. A too rich food, too copious meals can explain this state. In both men and women, this nausea in the evening can also signal a digestive disease, such as a peptic ulcer.

Good to know: some medications (such as powerful morphinomimetic analgesics) can cause nausea in the evening or all day. If you have just started a new treatment, check the side effects on the leaflet.

Are there psychological causes of nausea at night?

Diffuse nausea can be explained by stress. Stress increases with fatigue, which is why you will more easily feel nauseous in the evening if you are a little anxious.

You may also experience other physical symptoms, such as dizziness or feeling like your stomach is in knots. If you can’t find physical explanations for your nausea, it can be useful to learn how to manage your stress well.

How to get rid of nausea

To overcome nausea that can appear after a heavy meal, during pregnancy, or for no apparent reason, some natural remedies are very effective.


The anti-nausea benefits of ginger have been recognized by the World Health Organization since 1999.

It is mainly used to fight against vomiting related to pregnancy.

In infusion, fresh, candied, in powder, or the form of essential oil, its action is immediate and beneficial.


Charcoal helps relieve stomach heaviness caused by meals that are too rich in sugars and fats.

Fighting against the production of gases that contribute to digestive disorders soothes the feeling of nausea and reduces the associated pain.

It is most commonly consumed in the form of capsules.



Thanks to its acidity, lemon soothes nausea by stimulating enzymes in the liver and pancreas. It also protects the stomach lining.

It is recommended in case of nausea due to transport or during pregnancy.

It is consumed in the form of juice diluted in water, cold or hot, or the form of essential oil at the rate of two drops on a piece of sugar.

Baking soda

Baking soda relieves heartburn with its acidity, just like lemon.

Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, then drink it in one go. You can also combine it with lemon juice provided you do not put it in the same glass but drink it right after the baking soda.

Please note that baking soda is not recommended for pregnant women.

Nux Vomica

Nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy used during digestive disorders, especially in case of abdominal pain and nausea.

The recommended dosage is 9 CH at the rate of 5 granules every 2 hours if the crisis occurs following excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, sugars, fats, or spices.


Chamomile is recommended in the case of sleep disorders but also in the case of digestive problems such as bloating, ulcers, nausea, vomiting, or gastroenteritis.

In infusion, after the meal, it will relieve the abused stomachs and will reduce the feeling of nausea.


Mint calms spasms, stimulates bile secretion and liver function. It fights against nausea related to motion sickness and following difficult digestion.

At the rate of 1 drop of peppermint essential oil on half a sugar, or in infusion with boiling water poured directly on the crushed mint leaves, the relief is rapid.

Lavender Officinalis

Lavender officinale or true lavender can cure many ailments and has few contraindications.

Antispasmodic, it increases the secretion of gastric juice in the stomach and improves digestive comfort.

The dosage is 2 drops to be swallowed in a teaspoon of honey, or placed on half sugar, 3 times a day until nausea disappears.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin  B6  would be effective in the case of morning sickness.

In Canada,  vitamin B6  is also one of the components of a prescription drug prescribed to pregnant women suffering from nausea.

It is found in chicken breast, ham, sole, broccoli, spinach, red cabbage, wheat germ, tomato, banana …


A study in New Orleans showed that prickly pears can relieve nausea, dry mouth, and boost appetite.

They can be eaten raw or cooked and combined with rosemary, which is also an effective anti-nausea.


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