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How to get rid of parquet fleas


Discover how to get rid of parquet fleas.

What is a parquet chip?

Also called floor fleas, floor fleas are the same fleas found on pets. In 90% of cases, it is the species Ctenocephalides felis, and, in France, the subspecies Ctenocephalides felis files (known as “ the cat flea ”).

Ctenocephalides canis is found on dogs, but also mice, rats, ferrets, and new pets (NAC ). Opportunistic, the flea bites the host on which it is located and can therefore bite humans.How to get rid of parquet fleas?How to get rid of parquet fleas?

Considered a parasite, it lives on its host by feeding on its blood. 

It has existed for millions of years, it is assumed that it was probably already a parasite of dinosaurs. Archaeologists have also found traces of it in Neolithic settlements.

The flea life cycle

The flea goes through 4 stages during its life:

Eggs: The flea lays eggs on the animal “ and they all fall to the ground ”, specifies Axel Moulin of Services Actions Hygiène, they hatch after 2 to 10 days, if the conditions are favorable.

Larvae: They look like small worms and move to a dark place to weave their cocoon for 1 to 3 weeks.

Pupae: Also called nymphs or cocoons, they can remain in this stage for 6 months as long as the temperature is not high enough or they cannot find hosts. After 3 to 4 days, these young fleas will seek out a host to feed on. 

The adult flea that lives on the animal (mainly the cat)


What does a parquet chip look like?

Tiny, but still visible to the naked eye, the parquet chip looks like a small black sesame seed. It measures between 2 and 6 millimeters, but some can reach the size of 1 centimeter. Parquet fleas are dark, almost black, their body is oval, flattened, they have two erectile antennae and 3 pairs of legs. Their third pair of legs, more developed, allows them to make spectacular jumps and to move easily. 

Where are floor fleas found?

“ We consider that in a household if there are no animals likely to climb on the furniture, the flea outbreaks will not be more than 1m20, the height at which these insects jump ” specifies Axel Moulin.

Fleas like to live on their host because that’s where they find their food, ” but in 98% of cases, they will be on the ground, ” adds the specialist. The lodge in the interstices of the floor or parquet, but also baseboards, textiles, sweaters, rugs, carpets, magazines, or books, but also places frequented by pets: sofas, beds, and baskets.


Do floor fleas bite?

The floor flea does not bite, but it stings thanks to its biting sucking mouth apparatus.

What does a parquet chip button look like?

Flea pimples are often located on the ankles because this is an easily accessible place for floor fleas and they like to stay in the seams of socks. They are also found in the groin area and under the armpits, as these are warm and moist areas. More generally, they lodge in places where clothing is tight.

These pimples are usually small, pinhead-sized, red, and hard. They cause severe itching and can sometimes become superinfected in the event of scratching lesions.

Do floor fleas transmit diseases to humans?

In addition to the same complications that animals can suffer from having fleas (allergies, worms, zoonoses), humans can also be affected by diseases transmitted by fleas: they can be the source of tapeworm transmission, but also diseases such as the plague or typhus.


Allergy to flea bites: some people are allergic to flea bites, the pimples are then more imposing, the itching stronger. In this case, it is recommended that you consult a doctor who will prescribe antihistamines. 

How do I know if I have floor fleas in my home?

My pet is scratching: If you observe your pet chewing or scratching, it is likely infected. Check his coat regularly to make sure he doesn’t have fleas. It can contaminate your home.

Pimples on the legs: The presence of small red pimples on the legs, especially on the ankles, is a sign that should alert you to the presence of fleas.

Observe your floors: Fleas can be seen with the naked eye and move by jumping day and night. 

Bloodstains in the bed: Bloodstains in the bed can also alert you, although they are usually more of a sign of a bed bug infestation.

The tip of the cup: Axel Moulin gives us an effective tip to find out if you have parquet fleas in your home. All you have to do is place a cup of water with a lit candle in the center. Turn off the lights, the fleas, attracted, will eventually approach the light and fall into the cup.

How to get rid of parquet fleas

Treat your animals: Before taking care of your home, you must treat your animals, take advice from your veterinarian or pharmacist.

Vacuuming: First, vacuum thoroughly to remove as many fleas, larvae, and eggs as possible.

Wash your linen at 60°: Wash at high-temperature everything that can be washed. Baskets, cushions, and textiles in contact with animals are generally machine-washed.

Using steam: The dry heat (at very high temperatures) from steam cleaners or steam generators also helps get rid of floor chips. “ With this type of device, the infestation is considerably reduced, because the heat kills the eggs ” warns Axel Moulin.

The insecticide: To be used once the surfaces have been vacuumed and washed/Remember to diffuse it on the baseboards and in hidden places. No need to pass it several times, a good insecticide must be effective in one go.

Diatomaceous earth: To prevent the proliferation of floor fleas, it can be useful to sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the most humid places. Having a drying power, it will make the land less welcoming for the development of larvae.

Smoke bombs: Flea smoke bombs can help you get rid of them. You will certainly need to complete the treatment with an aerosol insecticide because some fleas lodged in the small recesses will not be affected by the smoke.

Call in a specialist: If you really cannot eradicate a floor flea infestation, you can call in a specialist who will take care of eliminating them once and for all.

Some grandmother’s recipes to eliminate fleas

Bleach: considered a repellent, bleach can be used before treatments. Mop your floors with a bucket of warm water and a glass of bleach before vacuuming.

White vinegar: Same thing for white vinegar. Dilute a glass of white vinegar for 5 liters of water before mopping. Fleas will not appreciate its smell. Be aware, however, that to get rid of floor flea eggs and larvae, you will also need to apply an insecticide. 

Essential oils: True lavender essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil are known to scare away floor fleas. Place a few drops of these oils in the most infested areas of your home.


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