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How to get rid of Plantar wart


Discover how to get rid of Plantar wart.

Getting a wart can happen to anyone. This guide explains the essential things to know about warts as well as tips on how to get rid of them.


We hear a bit of everything and anything about warts and we sometimes tend to want to get rid of them ourselves without knowing the appropriate wart treatments. The problem is that you can have a wart without realizing it or even live with it knowing it’s there (and it can stay there for many years).

Indeed, warts can sometimes disappear on their own after a while, but you should still know that they are caused by a virus and can spread on your body or that of other people. It is, therefore, better to act as soon as a wart appears on your foot.

What exactly is a wart? Plantar warts are simply small growths of skin on the foot, which get pushed inward from the skin of the foot when you walk. There are also sometimes several warts grouped in the same place, called mosaic warts (they are sometimes mistaken for calluses).

They are caused by a virus and are therefore contagious. However, some people will not develop warts even when exposed to the virus. About 12% of people will have a wart in their lifetime and children are the most exposed, through the places they frequent such as school locker rooms, public swimming pools, etc. You are also more likely to be infected when your feet are wet.

How to get rid of Plantar wartHow to get rid of Plantar wart


Warts are small growths located on the soles of the feet, which cause pain at specific points on the soles of the feet when the person stands or walks. To spot them, look for a rough surface with excess thick skin and small black dots, these are small blood vessels that have burst.

Most of the time, you will feel like there is a stone in your shoe and it will hurt when you pinch it. They can be particularly painful if they are on a pressure point on the sole, such as the ball of the foot or the heel. If the area becomes red, hot, painful, and tender after treatment, be sure to seek medical advice as your foot may be infected.


Keep your feet clean and dry and change your socks daily. Don’t touch other people’s warts, share your towel, washcloths, shoes, or socks with them. Don’t touch or scratch your wart to avoid catching them on other parts of your body.

Finally, avoid walking barefoot, especially in public places! Wear flip flops or rubber pool slippers in communal showers and changing rooms.



Don’t panic, there are many ways to get rid of a wart.

1. Some people tape the wart over and leave it there, but this doesn’t always work and isn’t recommended by specialists.

2. There are many marketed treatments containing salicylic acid in different levels (10 – 60%) and different formats (solution, cream, gel, or plaster) all available in pharmacies.

3. For a less drastic but equally effective approach, try Scholl Stop Verrues Feet & Mains, Scholl’s product for removing warts. This treatment works similarly to those used by doctors: it works by quickly freezing the wart and forming a blister after application.

The wart usually falls off on its own within 10-14 days and your body will naturally replace the wart tissue with normal skin tissue.


• Insert an applicator pad into the tip of the aerosol by pushing it firmly through the widest opening.

• Place the aerosol on a protected table or another fairly sturdy surface. Do not hold the aerosol close to your face, body, or clothing. Place the capsule on the aerosol as shown in the image, so that the applicator is placed on its protective sleeve.

• keeping the aerosol upright, firmly press the button for 5 seconds. Do not hold the protective plastic sheath.

• Remove the capsule from the aerosol, with the applicator still attached. Be careful not to let any liquid come in contact with your skin and not to hold the aerosol close to your eyes. You MUST wait 15 seconds, holding the cotton swab down, before applying it to the wart. This allows the tip of the applicator to be well soaked in liquid, but also to reach the very cold temperature essential for an effective treatment.

• Make sure the wart you want to treat is facing up. Keeping the applicator pointed down, gently place the tip of the applicator in the center of the wart for at least 30 seconds, but no longer than 40 seconds. Do not tap the applicator. Discard the applicator after using it.

Be careful to remove all dead skin and throw it away because it could cause a new infection!


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