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How to get rid of stretch marks


Discover how to get rid of stretch marks.

Very common, stretch marks affect nearly 80% of women. And if they are less common in men, they do not spare them: 15% of male adolescents have skin marked by these unsightly welts.How to get rid of stretch marksHow to get rid of stretch marks

A real scourge on the beautiful planet, these depressions in the skin, sometimes bluish, reddish, or pearly white, are very often the subject of all our attention: what are the causes of these mottling? How to remove stretch marks? We explain everything to you!


Stretch marks are the visible consequence of a tearing of the elastic fibers of the deep layers of the skin by too violent and too rapid skin extensions. Located on the stomach, chest, arms, hips, buttocks, legs, or thighs, they vary in size and look like purple-red, pink, or white stretch marks. They form a scar on the surface of the skin as they heal.


Significant weight gain and hormonal change (characterized by high cortisol levels) are the two main causes of stretch marks.

These two elements being combined during pregnancy, the appearance of red streaks is frequent during this period: it affects approximately 70% of pregnant women. The skin tissues stretch, the thickness of the dermis decreases, the skin cracks and forms a scar. Pregnancy stretch marks streak the stomach, thighs, and breasts.

The appearance of unwanted welts can also be observed:

• during adolescence (in case of rapid growth),

• during a sudden and significant weight gain (following an illness, a period of stress, etc.),

• in the event of significant muscular effort (high-level sports, bodybuilding, bodybuilding, etc.),

• when taking corticosteroids orally,

• in people with Cushing’s syndrome – an endocrine disease characterized by excessive secretion of cortisol.

It should also be noted that stretch marks do not affect the entire population equally. Some of us are more subject to it (by genetic inheritance, we sometimes have a low fibrous capital). Young skin and very white skin of blonde or red-haired women would also be more affected.


The color of the stretch mark is a marker of its evolution. A recent stretch mark is a purplish-red – a color that indicates inflammation in the skin. The older and deeper the stretch mark, the paler its color. When the white color of the welt stabilizes, the fibers have stiffened around the scar.

If stretch marks are irremediable and can never completely disappear, they can nevertheless be significantly reduced when they are recent.

If you want to eliminate installed stretch marks of white color, it will be necessary to have recourse to aesthetic medicine. So don’t delay in applying an anti-stretch mark treatment as soon as you see even a small welt appear on the surface of your skin!

How to remove stretch marks and avoid them?

As we have already mentioned, if no cosmetic can make stretch marks disappear 100%, it is nevertheless possible to improve their appearance thanks to appropriate care. A few gestures are also to be integrated into your beauty routine to prevent new unsightly marbling from appearing.


Daily hydration of the different areas that may be affected is the first reflex to have to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, especially during certain periods (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause…).

Use a quality moisturizer or vegetable oil: sweet almond oil or coconut oil, both rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E, are effective natural care products to hydrate, nourish, promote the production of collagen and soften your skin.


Formulated to hydrate, promote the suppleness and elasticity of the skin, the anti-stretch mark cream is an effective solution to prevent marks and visibly reduce them.

If the assets selected to develop it are essential to its effectiveness, the massage to apply it is also beneficial. It stimulates cells that produce collagen – a protein essential for the development of elastic fibers in the skin (fibroblasts).

Gently massaging the different areas of your body with an anti-stretch mark cream thus increases the number of fibroblasts and improves the resistance of skin tissue to stretching.

Some anti-stretch mark active ingredients:

• Centella Asiatica. This plant, also called “tiger grass”, stimulates the production of fibroblasts. Doubly interesting, Centella Asiatica also promotes healing;


• glycolic acid, effective in renewing skin cells and boosting the synthesis of fibroblasts;

• hyaluronic acid, a powerful molecule for hydrating and contributing to the cohesion of skin tissue. If hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the dermis, its stock decreases over time, hence the need to provide it to your skin;

• silicon, a trace element that, by promoting the synthesis of collagen, improves skin resistance.

Other plant extracts can be invaluable allies in the fight against stretch marks: aloe vera or even ivy, horsetail, and lady’s mantle, which are found in Lierac Phytolastil anti-stretch mark treatments.

Look at the INCI compositions and formulas to choose the most suitable treatment. Also, pay attention to active ingredients not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Anti-stretch mark oils, known for their beneficial effects, can also be used for massage.

Among the most famous oils: Bi-Oil. Awarded with more than 350 awards, Bi-Oil is the world’s No. 1 product in the scar and stretch mark market. His secret? Its formula, combines plant extracts, vitamins, and a unique active ingredient: PurCellin Oil, which promotes the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

The results in a few figures?

• Following 15 days of application twice a day, the results are significant for 66% of the women questioned.

• After 8 weeks of use, an improvement is seen for 92% of people tested.

The most of Bi-Oil oil that you will appreciate?

• Its fresh and flowery fragrance.

• Its ultra-fine texture, is irresistible during massage application!

Note: Bi-Oil is a safe anti-stretch mark treatment, which can be used by pregnant women from the second trimester. You can continue to use it when your baby is born: it helps to fully experience breastfeeding.


The only possibility to eradicate 100% of established stretch marks, medicine now offers four different interventions: vascular laser treatment, pulsed light, peeling, or cosmetic surgery.


This intervention significantly reduces redness and unsightly scars in several sessions.


This process, also called “luminostimulation”, promotes the production of collagen, stimulates fibroblasts, and improves the resistance of the skin thanks to the heat of the diode. Following several appointments, the red stretch marks disappear and the white stretch marks are reduced by half (at least!).


Peeling consists of superficially burning the skin, which will regenerate without any trace. The results are visible after several months.


Cosmetic surgery is only recommended in the case of stretch marks with excess skin or fatty cushions. Expensive, it requires an operation with local or general anesthesia, which will generate small scars.


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