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How to get rid of tonsil stones


Discover how to get rid of tonsil stones.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones are formed from the debris that is often found in the mouth, such as bits of food, saliva, and dead cells. This debris is trapped in a person’s tonsil crypts, which are pits and crevices found on and within the tonsils.

When debris is trapped there and not washed away, it can harden into stone. Microorganisms such as bacteria also feed on the debris, which causes a bad smell.

The debris and the microorganisms that feed on it are called biofilms. It’s kind of like plaque, which is made up of similar debris and can harden into tartar or calculus on the teeth. Complications of tonsil stones are quite rare,

How to get rid of tonsil stonesHow to get rid of tonsil stones

Causes of Tonsil Stones

Stones are the result of poor oral hygiene. Other things that can predispose a person to tonsil stones are having larger than normal tonsils, tonsils that are continually inflamed, and chronic sinusitis.

Patients are surprised and relieved to know that tonsil stones are not contagious. Most patients who have tonsil stones are teenagers, but anyone who still has their tonsils is susceptible.

Symptoms of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones can cause symptoms even if they are tiny and the person can barely see them, but a person is more likely to have symptoms if the tonsil stones are large.

Signs and symptoms of tonsil stones can be a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. The individual may have bad breath and a cough that won’t go away.

It may come as a surprise to learn that ear pain is also a symptom. Ear pain occurs because the tonsils and ears share many of the same nerves. When opening their mouth to check, a person may notice that their tonsils are swollen or have spots of white or yellow on them.


How to get rid of tonsil stones?

To get rid of tonsil stones, specialists recommend cleaning the tonsils with a large stick soaked in mouthwash or methylene blue, an antiseptic solution that will leave the back of your throat all blue.

ENT doctors do this when they notice the presence of tonsil stones. They sometimes use a water flosser, a small device that sends hot water to the tonsils. Note that it is not easy to clean this area because of the gag reflex that it causes when you tickle the tonsils.

In addition, the secretion of caseum is often linked to a problem of gastroesophageal reflux. Taking a treatment against the acidity of the stomach (antacid or proton pump inhibitor) for two to three months can therefore reduce the presence of tonsil but only the specialist can determine it if he finds that the patient also has digestive symptoms.

The use of lasers

If cleaning and treatment are not enough, there is another technique. Indeed, depending on the discomfort felt by the patient, the ENT can use the laser. The doctor passes the laser over the tonsils for five to ten seconds per location.

The laser then creates impact points and vaporizes the tonsils. They are burned on the surface and eventually reduce in volume as the laser passes. In the end, they have a blackened appearance, they are less thick and remain well lodged in their cavities.

The ten minutes are quite unpleasant for the patient despite a shot of anesthetic spray, the intervention is still a little painful. Nevertheless, after an average of three sessions, there is a good reduction in case secretions.

The operation of the tonsils is not an obligatory passage. Just because you produce tons of tonsils doesn’t mean you have to have your tonsils removed.

Specialists recall that tonsillectomy is indicated in cases of painful and repeated angina. Only the questioning on the antecedents and the clinical examination makes it possible to determine the relevance of the surgery.

To reduce tonsil stones, there is already a lot to do upstream. Cleaning of the tonsils by an ENT specialist as winter approaches can be useful.


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